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Where News is Failing us

Just saw this article hit my feed, and I thought it was interesting. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about these issues recently. The article relates to how news media has evolved (poorly). This article specifically relates to media on the right, but it is equally bad on the left.

Any news organization that picks and chooses which stories to write and how to write them, emphasizing profit over journalistic integrity, and using spin, anger, fear, and addiction is doing a disservice to all people. I feel news media from the left to the right has become a giant weight around humanity’s neck, pulling each and every one of us down. It is one of the worst things happening in society today, because if you cannot trust news, and if our sources of information do not have integrity, then views and arguments focus only on opinion, which creates unnecessary division.

One of the biggest goals we have at Devvio and Lit Legion is to create a source of truth for the world. We are attempting to become the world’s source of truth for not only ESG data, but also things like news and social media. We create public, auditable, transparent data sets. We are building our system to outlive us as well – if we’re successful, it will be something that humanity can rely on, which does not have influences from financial interests.

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