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Welcome to the Nysperience wiki, the official source of information about the LitCraft Nysperience play-to-own video game, the LitCraft extended universe, and the Grant Beagan book series. Choose a topic below and click on the button to learn more.

Getting Started

How to create an account and start playing Nysperience.


Businesses play an important role in the Nysperience game economy.

Earning Games

Play Earning Games to gather in-game resources.


Increase your Tool Level and gather resources by Mining.


Place items on the Crafting Grid to combine them into new items.

Lit Land

Explore, build and battle in the 3D universe
of Lit Land.

Heptone Battles

Use your LitPets in PVE or PVP battles!


Learn more about LitPets and their characteristics.


On this page you can find a list of all items available in LitCraft Nysperience and Lit Land.


How buy and sell items on Glassblock, the online marketplace for LitCraft assets.

LitCraft Lore

LitCraft is a mythical, rich and diverse universe. Visit this page to learn more about Lit lore.

Grant Beagan book series

The first novel in the LitCraft Universe.


Here you can find frequently asked questions. And search through the Wiki pages.