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There are 236 unique LitPets. LitPets make your businesses more profitable and your battles more competitive, both of which increase your earning potential. You can craft your own LitPets or buy LitPets from others in the community. For more information on crafting LitPets, check out this page. If you would like to buy LitPets, check out Glassblock to see the LitPets on offer on the marketplace.

LitPets in Businesses

All LitPets have characteristics that range from 1-100 which help increase revenue for a Nysperience business. These characteristics can be found on the back of a LitPet card. Different characteristics will benefit different Businesses. For example, LitPets with Charisma will increase revenue in Equipment Businesses, whilst Strength will increase revenue in a Mining Business.

Revenue bonuses to a Business are tiered by the following values: 
20 – 50 = 1.1x bonus
50 – 90 = 1.3x bonus
90 = 1.5x bonus
100 = 2x bonus

LitPets in Heptone Battles

LitPets range from Power Level 1 to 7, this indicates their strength in Heptone battles. The higher the Power Level the higher the Attack and Health will be. The distribution of the Attack and Health points is influenced by the Defense/Offense Rating. Additional factors such as Flying, Speed and the Attack Range also have an impact on the Attack and Health points of a LitPet. Using LitPets in battle is highly strategic. Different LitPets work well in different situations, so the best team is made of 7 LitPets that compliment each others strengths and abilities. For more information about Heptone Battles check out this page.

A deciding factor in choosing LitPets for the Heptone Arena are the Abilities. Selecting which Abilities to include in your deck depends on personal preference and the other LitPets in your team. A combination of LitPets with the right Abilities can reinforce each other and lead to strong decks. Below a description of each Ability.

Create a force of skeleton warriors.
Energy Blast
Single opponent ranged attack. Targets highest health opponent in a Location.
Bonus to health and attack on nearby allies.
Fire Blast
Area ranged attack. Area damage is at a specified location.
Reduces release cost for deploying LitPets.
Force Shield
Protect allies with a shield. Targets a Location. Can be on self.
LitPet Enhances its own Attack power.
LitPet’s size and strength increases over time.
Heals nearby allies over time.
Create illusion LitPets that move and seem real to opponent.
Mental Freeze
Freezes all opponents along a Path for a time period.
LitPet changes into an opponent’s LitPet on a Path, including its buffs.
Allows player to see details about opponent’s deck and LitPets.
Does damage to all opponents on all of the closest Path locations to your Tower.
Psi Arc
Damages all opponents along an entire Path.
Psi Attack
Single opponent ranged attack. Targets highest health opponent in a Location.
Pushes all enemies back when LitPet is added.
Regenerates a LitPet’s own health over time.
Increases a LitPet’s movement speed and attack speed.
Push both allies and opponents back on a path.
Moves all allies on other Paths, to the LitPet’s Path.
Turn opponent with largest attack at a Location into low level LitPet.

Genesis LitPets

All Genesis LitPets are Epic, which means they automatically have Power Level 7. Epic Genesis LitPets also have better characteristics, which let you earn more revenue with businesses. Besides regular Genesis LitPets, there are Silver, Gold and Diamond Genesis LitPets. These are even more rare and have higher Business characteristics than regular Genesis LitPets. In total 7000 Genesis LitPets will ever be minted.

Genesis LitPet cards are distinguished by a banner indicating their rarity: