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Lit Land

Exploring Lit Land

Lit Land is a 3D realm with RPG style gameplay. There is a vast universe to explore with portals leading to different types of worlds. You control your character using the ASDW buttons, pressing SHIFT makes you run faster, use the SPACE bar to jump. You can use the cursor to control the direction of your view. Pressing ESC releases this so you can use the cursor to access the menus. The V button changes the perspective between first and third person. Press E, or scroll the mouse wheel to change your active item/weapon, use R to reload your weapon. You can change the appearance of your character with the TAB button. When you find an item, simply click on it to collect it.

You can use Portals to travel between different worlds in Lit Land. Just walk into a Portal to travel to the other side. From the main land you start in, you can travel to:
Oak Harbor, the Human Town.
Beluan, the Goblin Town
Exanim, the Undead Town.
Aurumn, the Elven town.
Unlit City, a modern human unlit city.
Phasic Tower, a FPS shooter style Earning Game.
Apocalyptic Town, this map will host a FPS shooter style game where you have to defend against zombies.
Space Station, from the space station you will be able to board an aircraft and play a space shooter game to collect resources.


Quests are a big part of the adventures in Lit Land. Talk to NPCs to see if they have a quest available. You can’t interact with all NPCs, NPCs that can be interacted with have a name above their head. In general quests revolve around collecting Lit Land items and other Nysperience items. Some items and recipes will require completing a quest before being able to obtain them.

Lit Land quests are currently in development and will be added soon.


The HolloLand is your own personalized area where you can design and build houses and other structures. In future releases of LitCraft Nysperience, if you own a piece of Genesis Land, everything you build will be mirrored through a magical Hollow in a shared world for others to visit. On the HolloLand you can build a house or any type of structure you would like. The resources used as building material in Lit Land are called Creo Blocks. Lit Land NPCs will create Creo Blocks for you if you bring them the right ingredients. Some NPCs are available from the start and will help you just for bringing the right ingredients. Other NPCs require completing quests before they will create Creo Blocks for you. Speak to the different NPCs to find out what ingredients you need to create their Creo Blocks. In general the recipes to craft Creo Blocks consist of a few items that can be collected in Nysperience Earning Games combined with items that are gathered by exploring the Lit Land. The most basic Creo Blocks, Creo – Dirt, are the only ones that can be crafted on the crafting table, craft 100 Dirt to create 50 Creo – Dirt.


After collecting some Creo Blocks you can start building on your HolloLand. Activate the building tool with the triangular crosshair, by pressing E or scrolling the mouse wheel. When the building tool is active, make sure to have the Creo Block you want to use in the use bar below. Click on the Creo Block you want to place to activate it, afterwards, click on any tile on the HolloLand to place the Creo Block. If you made a mistake, or want to take a structure down completely, you can use any pickaxe to move Creo Blocks back into your inventory. Select the Pickaxe in your Use Bar and click on a Block to remove it.

Phasic Tower

Phasic Tower is an FPS Earning Game that can be accessed through the Black Portal in Lit Land. In this game you need to protect the Tower from the monsters that appear in phases. Use the Lit Land controls as explained above to walk around and shoot enemies. Shoot the sphere on top of the Tower to start the game. As you defeat enemies, collect red blocks to level up and green ones to heal. Defend yourself and the Tower and reach level 33 to win. You can collect Heptals once per day if you win. You can use a Probulance to give yourself more choices of powers and a Sanisor to heal your Tower.

Each level increase grants you a choice out of three powerups. These are the powerups that are available throughout the Phasic Tower game:

Clip Size
Larger weapon clip.
Damage Enhance
Additional damage on gun attacks.
Flame Column
Flame Column that shoots out in front of your character.
Force Ring
Slows nearby opponents.
Force Shield
Reduced player damage.
Heals player over time.
Health Increase
Increased maximum health.
Prevents opponents from Attacking the Tower.
Material Increase
Increases award at the end of the battle
Mental Freeze
Freezes nearby opponents.
Explosion surrounding player.
Psi Arc
Damages targets in front of player.
Psi Attack
Auto targets attack on most powerful opponent.
Pushes nearby opponents back.
Mutliple bullets fired.
Increases your movement speed.
Opponents appear in front of player.
XP Bonus
Additional XP bonus.