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Creating an Account

In order to buy and sell items on Glassblock you will need to create a DevvX account. All items on the Glassblock exchange are native to the DevvX blockchain, so before buying or selling items on Glassblock you need a wallet to store them: the DevvX Web Wallet. If you already have a DevvX account, you can use these credentials to log into the wallet directly. If you don’t have a DevvX account yet, take the following steps:

Step 1. Click on ‘Register here‘.
Step 2. Fill in the details on this page, read and agree to the Terms of Service.
Step 3. After clicking ‘Register’ you will receive an email from to confirm your account. This email contains a verification link, open this link to verify your registration.
Step 4. Congratulations, your account is ready to go. You can now use this account for apps built on DevvX, such as the Glassblock marketplace, LitCraft Nysperience and the DevvX wallet.


After setting up a DevvX account you can buy items on the Glassblock exchange. You don’t need to set up KYC before being able to buy items. Browse the marketplace to find an item you would like to purchase. You can use the search bar, or start by selecting one of the categories below. Search results are bundled in items of the same kind, click on a bundle to open it and refine your search within that bundle of items.

You can filter your search results by using the Filters button. Using the bar in the top right, you can add additional sorting to the search results.

If you want to purchase the item click on ‘Add to Cart. The item is then reserved for you to purchase. You can choose to add more items to your cart, or checkout by navigating to the shopping cart symbol in the top right. Fill out the information in the checkout menu and choose your payment option.

DevvPay is the internal payment method that uses currencies that are native on the DevvX blockchain. This feature is currently only available for payments using Heptals, but other native currencies will be added over time. If you have Heptals in your account you will see the amount here and have the option to use them for the purchase. Note that you can only pay with Heptals for items of which the seller has accepted to receive Heptals as payment. There is no minimum purchase amount for payments using DevvPay.

Credit/Debit Card
Just like any online marketplace you can use Credit or Debit cards to complete the payment. Select this option, fill in the details of your card and hit ‘Submit Payment’. The fees associated with the purchase depend on the credit card provider.

Crypto payments on Glassblock are handled through Coinbase Commerce. You don’t need a Coinbase account to use this feature. You can make a payment using the following currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, Ethereum, Dogecoin, USDC, USDT and Litecoin. Note that for stablecoins payments you will need to make sure you are using the Ethereum (ERC20) network.

After you complete the transaction you can go back to Glassblock and you will find your purchase is completed. You will receive an email from to notify you of your purchase, this email also serves as the receipt for your purchase. The item you purchased will be sent to your DevvX wallet. Directly after purchase you should find it in your DevvX wallet and, if it’s a Nysperience item, it will appear in your in-game inventory. For Credit/Debit Card and Crypto payments there is a minimum amount of $5 per purchase. If you do not meet this minimum you can pay with Heptals using DevvPay, or add other items to your basket until you reach the $5 threshold.


In order to sell items on Glassblock you need to register your account on If you have a DevvX account one you can use your existing DevvX account. This is recommended, since you will need the items in your wallet in order to sell them. Click on ‘Sign up’ and select ‘Login with an existing DevvxX Account’. Choose a Business Name and read and agree to the terms of service. The Business Name will appear on the marketplace with the items you list.

Before you can sell items on Glassblock you will need to pass KYC. If you have already passed KYC you can skip this step. If you haven’t, click on ‘Go to KYC page to complete‘, submit your KYC and wait until it is verified. After passing KYC, navigate back to the Seller sign up page, hit ‘Continue’ and you are ready to go. After setting up the Seller account you can access the Seller Dashboard and navigate the following menus.

The home page offers an overview of your account. You can see quick info about the items listed and sold and the revenue you made. You can toggle different currencies and different timeframes for these metrics. For more in-depth info, move on to the following dashboards.

All the items that are available in your wallet can be found here. Search the item you want to put up for sale and select it by clicking on it. The Item Details screen will appear, with a ‘Sell Item’ button on the bottom right. Choose your desired price in USD value. If you allow the item to be sold for both Heptals and USD the applied conversion rate is $1 = 100 Heptals. Set your currency preference by toggling USD, Heptals, or both then press the ‘Sell’ button. Your item is now listed on the Glassblock marketplace.

You can view all the items you have currently listed for sale by selecting Inventory: ‘Listed’. If you would like to retract an item, select it in this list, and click on ‘Retract’. If you click on View My Storefront you can see how each of your items appears on the marketplace.

The sales dashboard gives insight into the items you have sold so far. You can select a timeframe and a currency in which you would like to display the results.

After completing one or multiple sales you can use this menu to request a payout of Heptals to your DevvX wallet or USDC to an external blockchain wallet. Check the amount of Payout Revenue Available and choose how much you would like to receive on which address. On the right you’ll find an overview of your payout history. Note that for USDC payouts there is a 30 day waiting period after the sale.