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Getting Started

Creating an Account

Download the latest version of Nysperience here. In order to start playing Nysperience you will need to create a DevvX account. The Nysperience game is built on top of the DevvX blockchain and uses it to store your items and achievements. If you already have a DevvX account you can use these credentials to log into the game directly. If you don’t have a DevvX account yet, take the following steps, or watch the video below.

Step 1. Click on ‘Register here‘.
Step 2. Fill in the details on this page, read and agree to the Terms of Service.
Step 3. After clicking ‘Register’ you will receive an email from to confirm your account. This email contains a verification link, open this link to verify your registration.
Step 4. Congratulations, your account is ready to go. Use the credentials of the account you created to login on the Nysperience app. You can also use this account for other apps built on DevvX, such as the Glassblock marketplace and the DevvX wallet.

Task System

A good way to get familiar with the gameplay in Nysperience is to follow the Task System. Click on the Task button to see which task are available to you at the moment. You can click on the tasks in the Task Menu for extra information on how to fulfil that task. Follow the instructions in this video to get started. Following the Tasks will give you a good introduction into the different aspects of the game.

Progressing in the Game

There are many ways to play Nysperience and many types of goals you can set yourself. The general structure is to play Earning Games and set up in-game Businesses that help you earn Heptals, the in-game currency. The resources you collect from playing Earning Games can be sold in your Business for Heptal revenue. The Heptals you earn can be used to purchase items from other players and are often needed to progress in the game or create high value items.

Nysperience revolves around a rich economy where players can set up different types of businesses and play a collection of different Earning Games to gather resources. You are free to try any Earning Game within Nysperience, and you’ll likely find that you prefer some over others. Just like in the real economy, businesses require different types of resources and players often rely on each other by trading resources with one another.

Click on this button in-game to open the Earning Games menu. You can find more information on Earning Games on this Wiki page. Some of the earning games need to be unlocked before playing. You can do that by creating a business corresponding to the Earning Game.

Click on this button in-game to open the Businesses menu. You can find more information on Businesses on this Wiki page.


The Crafting Table is one of the most important tools in Nysperience. Here you can combine items, Pets and resources into new items. For example, you often need to refine or process raw resources you gather in Earning Games, before being able to sell them in a Business. You can move single items onto the table by selecting a tile from the use bar and clicking on the Crafting Grid. To move all the items from one tile to another you can click and drag the item. Knowing how to craft specific items requires knowledge that can be found in recipes.

You can find more information on Crafting on this page.


Most recipes are proprietary and can be found by combining Books and Scrolls. Players can choose whether they want to share the recipes they’ve discovered with others, or keep it a secret to gain a competitive advantage. Recipes for the basic items can be found below.

Fire: 1 Coal
Steel: 1 Iron Ore, 1 Fire. Position one Iron Ore directly left of one Fire.
Steel Sticks: 3 Steel. Position three pieces of Steel next to one another.
Cloth: 3 Wrint. Position three pieces of Wrint next to one another.
Sticks: 5 Grass, stacked. There is a chance to create Straw or Sticks using this recipe.
Animein: 4 Enchisant, 1 Perceiving Magic Red.
Corporein: 4 Enchisant, 1 Body Magic Red.
Impetein: 4 Enchisant, 1 Physical Magic Red.
Mentein: 4 Enchisant, 1 Mind Magic Red.
Sophein: 4 Enchisant, 1 Finding Magic Red.
Spiritein: 4 Enchisant, 1 Spiritual Magic Red.
Visein: 4 Enchisant, 1 Seeing Magic Red.
Mortar: 5 Clay, Stacked, 1 Fire, 10 Visein.
Saw: 1 Sticks, 2 Steel, stacked, 10 Impetein.
Logs: 10 Trees, stacked, 1 Saw.
Boards: 1 Saw, 10 Logs, stacked.
Bricks: 1 Clay, 1 Fire. Position one Clay directly left of one Fire.
Cement: 1 Limestone, 1 Water, 1 Gravel.
Scissors: 4 Steel Sticks, stacked, 10 Corporein, 10 Impetein.
Needle: 3 Steel Sticks, stacked, 10 Corporein, 10 Mentein.
Thread: 2 Zaon. Position two pieces of Zaon next to each other.
Ornate Clothing: 1 Needle, 1 Scissors, 1 Thread, 1 Cloth, 1 Pattern (not consumed).
Medicine: Mortar, 50 Zaontis, 50 Vangate, 50 Piquiesy (note mortar is consumed)
Glass: 1 Sand, 1 Fire. Position one unit of Sand left of 1 Fire.
Hammer: 2 Sticks, stacked, 3 Steel, stacked, 10 Impetein, 10 Corporein.
Nails: 5 Steel Sticks.
House: 5 Cement, 7 Bricks, 7 Boards, 2 Glass, 1 Hammer, 1 Nails.

Crafting an Inventory Panel

By default you start with 1 Inventory Panel available. Additional Inventory Panels can be crafted or bought to increase the amount of items you can hold in your inventory. Until you unlock more inventory space, excess items will be available in the Satchel.

To craft an Inventory Panel you need: Processed Maycan, Keystone, 10 Opsonantium, 10 Proellia.
Processed Maycan is available at the deepest level of the Business Mining Land. It requires Level 23 digging level.
A Keystone is crafted using: 1 Discovery Boulder, 800 Heptals, 20 Animein.
Animein: 4 Enchisant, 1 Perceiving Magic Red.
Opsonantium is gained through activities in Lit Legion.
Proellia is gained through expertise in Heptone Battle PVE.

Jion and Fresh Water

All businesses require Jion (Energy) and Fresh Water to run. You can create these yourself, or buy them from others. Below you can find the crafting recipes for Jion, Fresh Water, and all the items required to create them.

Jion is created by crafting together a Geothermal Convertor, Geothermal Receiver, and Geothermal Transmitter.
Geothermal Convertor: Component Amplifier 127, Component Directioner 148, Component Balancer 132, Component Intake 156.
Geothermal Receiver: Component Amplifier 132, Component Collector 102, Component Link Phange 152, Component Phasic Hanifer 178.
Geothermal Transmitter: Component Amplifier 187, Component Directioner 204, Component Malkay 127, Component Phasic Tener 129.

Fresh Water is created by crafting 10 Water and an Aquasor, this results in 1 Salt and 9 Fresh Water.
Aquasor: Component Balancer 118, Component Intake 156, Component Particle Exchanger 167, Component Flow Valve 104, Component Malkay 189, Component Balancer 143.

Creo Blocks

Creo Blocks are used to build structures on your HolloLand. Your HolloLand is your own personalized area where you can design and build houses and other structures. In future releases of LitCraft Nysperience, if you own a piece of Genesis Land, everything you build will be mirrored through a magical Hollow in a shared world for others to visit. In general Creo Blocks are obtained by bartering items with NPCs in Lit Land. The most basic Creo Blocks, Dirt can be crafted on the Crafting Table using the following recipe:
Creo – Dirt: 100 Dirt.