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This is the Frequently Asked Questions section of the LitCraft Wiki. Click on one of the questions below to view the answer. You can also use the search bar to see on which pages a term is mentioned. If you are looking for a specific item, use the search bar on the Items page to search the database of all items available in LitCraft Nysperience and Lit Land. If your question is not answered below, and you can’t find the answer on the other Wiki pages, you can ask the admins and experienced LitCraft gamers in our Telegram and Discord communities. We have a friendly community of people who are happy to help out. Also, please let us know if you feel a question is missing on this FAQ page.

– More FAQs will be added soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the latest version of LitCraft Nysperience?

Download the latest version of Nysperience here. In order to start playing Nysperience you will need to create a DevvX account visit the Getting Started page to find out how.

Where can I interact with a community of other LitCraft players?

Please join our Telegram and Discord channels. Here we have a great community of Nysperience enthusiasts. Feel free to ask any questions you have about gameplay here, our admins and community members are happy to help you!

Can I play LitCraft Nysperience on mobile?

A mobile version of Nysperience is currently being developed for Android and iOS. Please follow our social media channels for updates.

Where can I trade LitCraft NFT’s and in-game items?

All of our NFT’s and in-game items can be traded peer-to-peer on our marketplace Glassblock.

Where can I find more information on the LitCraft universe?

The LitCraft universe and lore are based on the book Grant Beagan: The Finder’s Code. This book is written by Tom Anderson and Jonathan Miller.
You can purchase a digital copy of Grant Beagan: The Finder’s Code here on our marketplace.
On our website you can find a brief history of the LitCraft universe.

Why can’t I collect Heptals from my Genesis Land and LitPets anymore?

Since the update to the V4 economy of Nysperience, you can not collect passive Heptals from Genesis Land and LitPets. The passive Heptal revenue was a way to seed Heptals to early adopters and participants in the game economy. V4 represents a move towards an ecosystem that is more based on a flow of Heptals and items between players.

You can still earn Heptals in a relatively passive way in the V4 economy. If you don’t want to grow a business (which is a lot of work) you can buy a business from someone else, and then pop in each day, buy your goods on GlassBlock and collect revenue.

What can I do with Genesis Land and LitPets?

Lands can be used to create additional revenue in businesses. They are also required for the high end businesses. LitPets also are used to create revenue and they also can be used to earn with PVE and PVP Heptone Battles. Check out the Businesses page for more details about earning Heptal revenue through Businesses in Nysperience.

I discovered a recipe that I already have, is that normal?

You can get repeat recipes that you have already discovered. It’s like trading cards you buy in packs – sometimes you can get repeats.

Can I share recipes with my friends?

You can’t share recipes on Devvio and LitCraft channels. Outside of those channels you can choose how you want to handle the recipes you have discovered. Recipes can give you a competitive advantage over other players. If you have a recipe that others don’t, they will need to buy the item off you or someone else that has that recipe. You can trade knowledge with others, or keep your recipes a secret and capitalize on crafting items that others need.

How do I complete the Quest?

Use the word “Question”.

How do I unlock additional inventory slots?

By default you only have 1 inventory slot available. Additional inventory slots can be crafted using the recipe that is available on the Getting Started page, or bought from other players on Glassblock.

Until you unlock additional inventory slots you can move all items to the satchel with the buttons at the top, and then you can move items out of the satchel into your use bar (and then back into the grid). The philosophy of the game is to create lots of items of value that new users will want to buy, such as game power ups, UI enhancements like these, etc.

How can I reach support for bugs or other issues?

If you think you have found a bug, lost items whilst crafting, etc. You can reach out to Support by emailing Please include your username and clearly describe the issue you ran into. If you can, describe how to reproduce the issue, preferably with screenshots or a video. You can expect to receive a reply within a day.