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The Crafting Table is one of the most important tools in Nysperience. Here you can combine items, Pets and resources into valuable and powerful combinations. You can move single items onto the table by selecting a tile from the use bar and clicking on the Crafting Grid. To move all the items from one tile to another you can click and drag the item. For the basic craftable items the instructions can be found in the Crafting Guide. For more advanced items you will need to discover the recipes by combining Books and Scrolls on the Crafting Grid. The Crafting Guide is accessible through the ‘i’ icon on the Crafting Page.

Pet Crafting

Pets are crafted by combining Pet Eggs found in the main Mining plot with Magic created in the Heptavita game. The higher the level of Magic used in this process, the higher the Magical Power of Pets crafted. When crafted with white Magic, which is the highest level of magic, a Pet will have a Total Power of 50. You can increase the Pet’s Total Power further by another 50, by crafting them with the following items: Hat, Ornate Clothing, Medicine, Food, House. Descriptions on how to craft these items can be found in the Crafting Guide.

To craft different kinds of Pets you can mix and match Pets with each other. In the Crafting Guide you’ll find an overview of the Pets you’ve crafted so far. To unlock more different kinds of Pets, you will need to mix and match Pets with other Pets, starting with the base Pets and moving along each axis of the Pet Map. The Pets will be consumed in this process to create the new Pet.

LitPet Crafting

LitPet crafting requires the following ingredients. LitPet Token, 2 Pets, Magic, Heptals and 2 Bags of Fruit (any kind). Luck plays a big part in crafting LitPets, especially when aiming for a high Power Level. However, there are some ways to influence the outcome of a LitPet craft, follow the instructions below. If you are in search of a specific LitPet you can also check out the offers by other community members on Glassblock and use the filter to specify characteristics.

LitPet Tokens can be created by combining 7 LitPet Token Shards on the Crafting Table. LitPet Token Shards can be found in the main Mining plot.

You can combine any 2 Pets as parents whilst crafting LitPets. Each combination of Pets has a shared genepool that influences the type of LitPet created. If you are after certain characteristics it is good to use 2 Pets that visually have those characteristics, for example if you’d like to craft a Flying LitPet it is good to combine Pets that have wings. Pets are consumed whilst crafting LitPets.

Each LitPet Craft requires Magic, created in the Heptavita game. The game uses the colour of the Magic to determine the Release Level of your LitPet. Generally it follows the guideline below:
Red Magic = Release Level 1 LitPet
Orange Magic = Release Level 2 LitPet
Yellow Magic = Release Level 3 LitPet
Green Magic = Release Level 4 LitPet
Blue Magic = Release Level 5 LitPet
Purple Magic = Release Level 6 LitPet
White Magic = Release Level 7 LitPet

However because each different type of LitPet has their own minimum and maximum Release Level, the Release Level of your crafted LitPet will be adjusted based on the type of LitPet you craft. For example, if the combination of your 2 parental Pets results in a dragon LitPet with the minimum Release Level of 5, the Release Level will be 5 or higher, even if you have used lower level magic in this craft. The branch of Magic does currently not influence the LitPet created, but in the future it might influence the abilities of the created LitPet.

Each LitPet craft requires 1000 Heptals as ingredients. The chance of crafting a LitPet with a higher power level decreases for each power level. There is about a 1% chance of crafting a power level 7 LitPet.
The power level of a crafted LitPet is calculated based on a Gaussian distribution. Crafting LitPets requires 2 Bags of Fruit. Gather 50 of the same type of fruit in the Fruit Gathering game and craft them on the Crafting Table to create 1 Bag of Fruit. Check out the LitPet Crafting Cheat Sheet below by Mango Steve, this sheet visualises all items needed to craft LitPets and the flow of those items from raw materials to the final craft of a LitPet.