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Lit Legion Goals

Lit Legion is a community where people can take part in a real-world game to earn rewards, make friends and communicate in respectful ways, and further overall community growth and goals. It is a blockchain-based social media platform.

Lit Legion is designed…

  • To Be Fun. When you join Lit Legion, there are a variety of different activities and tasks that are intended to be fun. In a lot of ways, Lit Legion is itself, a game. You will be able to play games, solve puzzles, level up, earn achievements, and interact with friends all while earning DevvX blockchain rewards, which leads to our second point…
  • To Earn! When you complete tasks in Lit Legion, you get rewards, many of which have real world value. Rewards can range from real world money, to valuable game items, to blockchain based rewards. As you complete tasks, you level up, earn prestige in the community, and importantly, you further your abilities to earn more. Many of the larger, longer term tasks relate to a real-world gig economy where everyone is paid fairly for their work, and where people own their own value creation.
  • To Grow. A big part of the point of Lit Legion is to grow individually, as well as grow the community. The biggest rewards in the system overall, relate to growth. We would like that, on average, every member leads to two more members. This type of geometric growth can make Lit Legion all the more valuable for all of its members, and all members will share in the upside that growth creates.
  • To Fix the Problems with Social Media. Social media often just feels… yucky. The business models around social media are predatory and abusive, and the algorithms that drive it are manipulative. The big social media companies care more about profit than their customers. These platforms, and their algorithms, emphasize content that sells best, which is often therefore based on division, fear, anger, and addiction. Social media is filled with lies and misrepresentations, and news is more often based on opinions than facts. Our interactions online are dominated by a loud minority that ruin it for the rest of us. There is no accountability, no personal consequences for bad behavior, and a lack of respect among people. Lit Legion has the approach and technology to solve these problems.
  • To Positively Impact the World. A big part of the point of Lit Legion is to have our community work together to fundamentally improve the world. Innately, a system that gives people fair value and lets people control their own value creation is a very positive concept. As importantly, though, the specific types of tasks and goals that we will embrace as a community will improve humanity. Lit Legion will be something we’ll all look back on and be proud to have been a part of.

Longer term, therefore, Lit Legion’s vision is to become a massive system with millions of community members utilizing a complex blockchain-based economy. Concepts like Uber, Grubhub, VRBO, etc. are just subsets of what Lit Legion can ultimately become. With Lit Legion, the value that people create, they own, rather than some company that takes a majority of profits that would otherwise go to contributors. Concepts like charities and environmental efforts, can be vastly grown and improved with transparency and trust using the DevvX blockchain. Ultimately, the goal of Lit Legion is to give everyone in the world the resources they need to fulfill their potential, and to create trust and transparency in how we act as stewards over our planet.