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Lit Legion is a blockchain based community designed to reward its members for their real-world efforts. It is a fun and respectful community, and collectively, we are going to do a lot of good in the world through our combined efforts. Lit Legion is also a real-world game, where you can complete tasks to earn experience points and level up in the community, as well as earn community rewards, LitCraft Nysperience game items, or other blockchain based rewards. You can also focus your community efforts in areas where you find personal interest to grow or contribute.


Complete Tasks to Earn Rewards and Level Up


Take part in community tasks and events to advance in the community, earn experience level up, and earn rewards and achievements. Level up to earn more and take a leadership role in Lit Legion.


Complete tasks based on your skills, talents, and passions. Whether you are a writer, a photographer, or an artist, there are tasks for you and guilds to join.


Earn by playing games. You heard us right. Play games and earn real world rewards! Complete taks in wide varieties of games, earn daily rewards, and earn real-world value.

…Many More

Lit Legion is a broad community with many different interests and goals. Perhaps you want to help save the planet, grow meaningful social efforts, or simply hang out with friends.


Earn Real World Value For Your Endeavors

Level Up

Game Assets

Become Stronger


Be Early


Convert to Real-World Value


Community is the point of Lit Legion

Lit Legion Vision

Community is key to the growth and success of Lit Legion. Our community is special – it is a place where we respect each other, develop friendships, and support one another. I feel it is a unique place on the internet with an unmatched vibe. Combining a fun blockchain based task and rewards system, creating a place where people’s efforts are fairly rewarded and where people control their own value, and collectively working together for worthy goals, makes Lit Legion a truly revolutionary concept. It is world changing, and in my view, the future of a new category in social media.

Tom Anderson


The DevvX Blockchain

Lit Legion is Powered by DevvX, The World’s Most Powerful Blockchain

Buy and sell your DevvX NFTs on an easy to use and intuitive marketplace.

Earn DevvX items in LitCraft Nysperience’s expansive ecosystem.

View all of your Lit Legion rewards in the DevvX App.

DevvX is…

High Speed

The DevvX Blockchain is the fastest blockchain around.

Cost Effective

Transaction costs are just a fraction of a fraction of other blockchains.

Energy Efficient

Billions of times less energy per transaction than Bitcoin.


Communication is Key.


Join in on the discussion with the community, with topics ranging from general discussions, to tasks and rewards, to community growth to topics even outside of Lit Legion. Our discussions are a critical aspect of how our community operates. Everyone in the community gets a say in how we grow.

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