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Welcome to the Lit Cinema! In this task you will create your own Lit movie titles. Similar to the Create Your Own Catchphrase task, take a famous movie title and change (a few) word(s) to turn it into a title that matches with the LitCraft lore or the Nysperience game.

The submissions will be reviewed and voted on by the community. The best ones will be shared on our Twitter channel. Anyone who creates a Lit movie title receives 50 Lit XP for each title, but the ones that get selected by the community will receive 500 Lit XP! You will need to submit 1 title to complete the task, but you can submit up to 3 titles for bonus points. Post your Lit movie titles on Twitter using the #LitLegion and #LitCraft hashtag and fill in your DevvX Username. Afterwards you can return to the Lit Legion app to claim your reward.

Lit Cinema Lit Cinema Lit Cinema