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Level Chart

In Lit Legion, you can perform tasks to earn Lit XP. As you do more tasks, get more involved in the community, and contribute more, you can level up in Lit Legion. As you increase in level, you will establish yourself as a more senior member and unlock larger rewards! Many of the best tasks and rewards are only available once you reach a certain level.

Level RankLvlLevel IconLit XPUnlocked Community Capabilities / Rewards / Bonuses
Woktel Initiate10
Deliopath Student2400
Curpe Swimmer3900
Idolifier Chiller41400
Zerem Coder52100
Marpheli Progressor62800
Adstru Guard73600
Yocktroy Taco Specialist84500
Skint Organizer95400
Manthern Worker106500
Velancetor Partier117600
Velium Verifier128800
Drack Professor1310100
Ghent Kinetician1411400
Jeckler Dancer1512900
Elmbruck Hitter1614400
Karv Climber1716000
Formentis Researcher1817700
Nalo Jumper1919400
Prentest Astronaut2021300
Beliastor Driver2123200
Bern Strategist2225200
Ratriator Matriarch2327300
Nim Knight2429400
Gu Predator2531700
Ralest Leaper2634000
Ophelite Agent2736400
Water Quanth Questioner2838900
Ancrobar Gentleman2941400
Rebrium Runner3044300
Tempestor Master3147400
Rataga Overseer3250800
Vestriorse Galloper3354500
Gelial Guardsman3458600
Uphien Graduate3562800
Nuklipking Captain3667100
Pegacorn Leader3771600
Rauk Boss3876100
Neriantrator Lord3980800
Ventisimo Ruler4085777